Vipassana Illawarra

A Community Based Insight Mindfulness Meditation Group.

Vipassana meditation means to “See Clearly”. It is an ancient Buddhist practice which comes from the time of the Buddha’s “awakening” 2600 years ago in Bodha Gaya, India. Known more commonly these days as “mindfulness meditation” this practice has proven to have great relevance and effectiveness for our present day lives. This relevance has nothing to do with Buddhism per se or becoming a Buddhist but has shown to be beneficial for everyone in all walks of life. Vipassana meditation is a simple and direct practice of cultivating self awareness leading to greater understanding (insight) into the nature of our own minds. In practice, participants are asked to develop mindfulness (attentiveness) of their own mind and body. This enables practitioners to “see clearly” and reduce negative states of mind while promoting positive states of mind which leads to greater happiness and freedom.

There are many traditions of Vipassana Meditation found in the world today. Vipassana Illawarra concentrates mainly on the “Mahasi Sayadaw” style as our primary teaching method. The late Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw was a renowned Buddhist monk and meditation master from Myanmar (Burma). Much of the popularity of meditation in the west today has been inspired by his simple, direct explanation of the Buddhist teachings.

Grahame White

Vipassana Illawarra teacher Grahame White

What Vipassana Illawarra Offers

The primary goal of Vipassana Illawarra is to offer opportunities for the practice and study of Vipassana (Insight) meditation in the Illawarra and Sydney areas. To facilitate this goal various classes and retreats have been designed to support people in this undertaking. Programs below give details of what is offered.

Vipassana Illawarra offers Introductory classes
Vipassana Illawarra has community sittings
Join Vipassana Illawarra at one of our retreats