The Buddhist Library – Living With a Happy Mind

Everyone wants happiness in their lives, it is said. Unfortunately, we find that we live a lot of the time with an unhappy mind. Why is this so? What is happiness anyway? Are we looking for happiness in the wrong direction? What can we do to change the dynamic so that we can live with a real and lasting happy mind?

In this session we will explore these questions and more through the lens of Vipassana meditation, the Buddha’s practical approach of treading the Noble Eightfold path which he laid out from his own experience so that we also can live with a happy mind.
The evening will be suitable for experienced meditators as well as those new to meditation. The night will include meditation periods and Q&A

Date: Tuesday 7th September

Time: 7pm-8:30pm

Venue: Zoom

* There is no cost for these courses at the Buddhist Library but donations are welcome.

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